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These goals made Pele the GOAT, know about his great game and goals

These goals made Pele the GOAT, know about his great game and goals

Legendary Brazilian footballer Pele has died at the age of 82. Since his death, football fans around the world are in grief. Football fans are paying tribute to their favorite footballer by remembering Pele’s great game and his legacy.

Pele was one of the most prolific goal scorers in world football, leading Brazil to not one but three world champions. Pele’s personality is so big that it is known from his records. He scored 1279 goals during 1363 matches. For this reason, his name has also been included in the Guinness Book of World Records. While Pele’s death marks the end of an era in football. At the same time, let us tell you about such matches of the great footballer Pele, which is still a topic of discussion among football fans.

Scored the first goal against Argentina in the year 1957
The first goal of Pele’s career came in the year 1957. He scored this goal against the Argentine team at the age of just 16. The encounter took place at Maracana which was a friendly match between the two teams. In this match, Pele scored his first goal for Brazil in the 76th minute. After this the scoring process did not end for Brazil.

1958 – Youngest player to score a hat-trick in the World Cup
Pele was not just a player, he proved it in every match he played. Notably, in the 1958 World Cup semi-final between Brazil and France, Brazil were up against a team with an eight-goal scorer like Fontaine. This match is still remembered for Pele’s hat-trick. In this match, the youngest player Pele scored a hat-trick and defeated France 5-2.

1958 – Scoring twice in the World Cup final
Pele, who defeated France in the semi-final with a hat-trick, continued his strong performance in the final as well. In the final, Pele scored two goals against Sweden. This goal of a 17-year-old player is still discussed today. Pele also got his first World Cup in this year.

1962 – Scored in the opening match of the World Cup before being ruled out for the rest of the tournament due to injury
In the 1962 match, Pele suffered his first major injury of his career. During this, he scored a goal against Mexico in the World Cup, after which he had to stay out of matches due to injury. In this tournament too, the Brazilian team captured the World Cup.

1970 – The Halfway Lob vs Czechoslovakia
Pele won his third and final World Cup in 1970. Two spectacular goals were scored by him in this tournament, for which Pele is still remembered. He won the team by scoring a goal in the match against Czechoslovakia.

1970 – Magic worked against Uruguay
In the semi-final match of this World Cup, against Uruguay, Pele got a great lead. By scoring a goal in this match, Pele had brought the Brazilian team to the final.

1970 – Scored 100 goals for Brazil in the final
Pele celebrates with Jairzinho after scoring a goal in the 1970 World Cup final. This goal was his 100th goal for the Brazilian team. This goal was scored by Pele through a header. After this, he also helped the players of the team in scoring the other three goals. With this, Pele also achieved the feat of winning a record three World Cups. Even today no player has this achievement.

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