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‘Mallakhamb’ is a game of ancient India, artists have to make special efforts

‘Mallakhamb’ is a game of ancient India, artists have to make special efforts

Mallakhamb has been an ancient game of Indian history. The sport originated as a form of martial arts training. In recent years, this game has developed into an attractive game. In today’s time it is seen as a popular game.

Malkhamb is one of the ancient games of India, which was first introduced to the world during the Berlin 1936 Olympic Games. The player who plays this game is called Malkhamb artist. The body of a Malkhamb artist is like a rubber band. The body of these artists is tied in such a way that sometimes they perform standing on top of the Malkhamb and sometimes they show magnificent artworks hanging around the pole. A common belief is that due to its acrobatic appearance, this indigenous sport is seen in Assam more as wrestling with a pole than as gymnastics. The sport is making inroads in such a way that it is possible that we may see it as a demonstration sport at the Los Angeles Olympics in 2028. As this Indian-rooted sport is gaining popularity across the world, Mallakhamb artists also claim that excellence in it paves the way for progress and success in other sports.

This is how Malkhamb artists are trained

To become a good Malkhamb artist, it is necessary that the player has to dedicate his body to the sport for at least two years. Not only this, players who play Malkhamb are able to develop easily in other games as well. Mallakhamb is said to have not only wrestling, but also acrobatics, yoga as well as gymnastics. If a Malkhand artist wants to excel in this direction, then he must have flexibility, strength, stamina. To develop in the game of Mallakhamb, the performers also have to concentrate their body weight.

Players say that they have to train and practice for six hours. Players should be honest. The training capacity of the players also depends on the current environment. Pole requires more strength and muscular endurance and rope requires flexibility and mobility. Therefore, as a player of Malkhamb, along with stamina, all these things need to be taken care of. It is necessary for the players to check some things before climbing the rope or pole. Sometimes there is a possibility of injury while practicing in Malkhamb.

Players or artists must do warm up, flexibility, stretching etc. before climbing the Malkhamb. Along with this, doing yoga is also helpful. This is necessary so that the player does not suffer from cramps or any pain while climbing the Malkhamb. In such a situation, it is necessary that before climbing the Malkhamb, one should practice on the ground.

Useful for children aged 6-14 years

By the way, this game is such that people of any age can play it. But to start it, it is most important that children join this game till the age of 6-14 years so that their body adapts to the game. If there is any problem at that age, it can be rectified quickly. Most importantly, a strong core is essential for Mallakhamb performers. It prevents injuries and improves the mechanics of lifting in general, but also adds balance, stability and posture, all of which are essential in this sport.

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