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FIFA World Cup Final 2022: A look at Lionel Messi’s legacy and comparisons with late great Diego Maradona

Argentina’s Lionel Messi played the biggest match of his career against France in the FIFA World Cup 2022 final. By winning this match, Lionel Messi has silenced many opponents. He has been commonly compared with the late Argentine legend Diego Maradona.

This title has been special in many ways for the FIFA World Cup 2022 winning team Argentina. After a long gap of 36 years, Argentina again got the chance to win the shining FIFA trophy. Lionel Messi is making headlines after winning this trophy. Fans are building bridges of praise for Lionel Messi.

Meanwhile, once again the battle between Lionel Messi and Diego Maradona has come alive. The specialty of this match was that even at the age of retirement, Lionel Messi has made Argentina the world champion. With this, Messi has become the new messiah of Argentina.

Earlier, the Argentine team won the FIFA World Cup in 1986 under the leadership of Diego Maradona. This was the time when Diego Maradona was made the messiah by football fans in Argentina. Maradona had become worshiped like God for football awards. After getting this historic victory, Lionel Messi tried to repeat this victory several times. Messi’s team, which reached the final of the FIFA World Cup in 2014, became the runner up and lost the final match to Germany. After this, Messi’s team also had to face defeat in Copa America, after which Messi took a big step and announced his retirement from international football.

Let us tell you that Messi had retired from international football in the year 2016. This was the moment when the whole of Argentina even the President of Argentina came to plead with Lionel Messi to withdraw this decision. After this, Messi changed his decision and he again joined the Argentine team. When Argentina lost in the World Cup in the year 2018, Messi was about to put a full stop to his career again. But team coach Lionel Scaloni and assistant coach Pablo Aimar convinced him not to leave the team. After this whatever happened in football and Argentina team has been recorded in the pages of history. Lionel Messi won the Copa America tournament in the year 2021, which was his first international tournament. Even Diego Maradona could not achieve this feat. At the same time, after becoming the World Cup winner, Messi has also gone one step ahead of Maradona as he has the trophy of two big tournaments.

Messi became such a great player
Lionel Messi has always been called a superstar player. Lionel Messi has captured the title for the fifth time while playing the World Cup. Lionel Messi and the way the team played under his leadership in this tournament was amazing. Lionel Messi achieved what every footballer dreams of in this tournament. On the other hand, as soon as Lionel Messi captured the World Cup trophy in Qatar on December 18, he became the new messiah for Argentina. There is no dispute that Lionel Messi has now joined the list of greatest player instead of superstar player.



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